About Acespex

ACESPEX is a young and dynamic company, spearheaded by a Singapore team who had garnered 20 years of optical experience. From our birth ten years ago to now, ACESPEX religiously follows our philosophy of continuous innovation and development of high quality eyewear, to satisfy the needs and aspirations of our customers. We are like a melting pot, splendidly blending Asia’s rich and diverse cultures and Europe’s creativity and aesthetics.

We view our eyewear as not only an apparatus to help us see, but also an accessory to be seen. Our unique palette of adventurous colours, high quality, urban chic and sleek lines characterize our collection.

Our Design Ideologies
Ergonomic Fit and Comfort
Durability and High Quality
Lightness and Functionality
Unique In-house Colour Composition

Part of our success is attributed to our unconventional combination of vibrant colours and usage of exotic material like silicone rubber, beta-flex and exotic Japanese Kimono fabric in our collection. We are continuously looking to grow and share our spirit of stylistic collection with the rest of the world.

Our portfolio boasts two highly popular house brands, namely INC Vision and Karl Muller, which are well distributed throughout Asia. We are also represented in South Africa, USA, and Europe. 

We are also the sole eyewear licensee and distributor of the hugely popular footwear brand Crocstm. We are proud to conceptualize and introduce Crocs Eyewear to the world.